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octobers end

in your own space it feels strange

after a long time away . reaching and twisting

bowed to the winds of life . holding on by a thread

10/31 2
10.31 blog

feeling a bit different

than the other "plants" in the garden theses days

yet still delight in unique way we bloom

fourty one early

among curved blooms . torn words . frayed wing . a cloth heart . tiny stitches

one wish remains . moments overflowing with your version of an artistic life

at times torn and frayed . often stitched and blooming . both still and active


the "stars going round in my head " in the text above define this season for me

no links this week as I post early . marveling at the beauty of your spaces

yet now gently taking an internet break . time away to touch the stars

if only just a moment . be well friends . blessings always

in the clouds

beyond the tree branches . be they full or barren


beyond the back roads . stretched between fence and big sky

DSCN2265life beyond the fence

clouds are closer than they appear . that makes me so happy




textured straw and paper tugs at my heart as the pocket watch ticks

find time to wonder . even an hour . its golden to remain

thankful . enchanted . mindful


[ this is week 40 of a year long every friday project
the complete collection is found at a link under my blog header

in moments of doubt

I focus upward beyond the dancing curve of a leaf


I gaze through the windows to the other side


I rest among the smallest of blooms gathered among the shadows


I embrace the words and melody that stay foremost in my mind


under golden


soft and bright appear together

beneath a gray angled rock wall . along side sparkling river

on the underside of bud and bloom . held moments of joy on the breeze

thirty nine


I am blessed to sing everyday . find it impossible to live without song

along with birds . among moody blooms . memories of vacation

most times the tunes are "vivo" ... meaning lively and quick

yet some moments call for "lento" ... meaning slow

may you sing a song this day . and always

lesson in the sky

among the faraway hills of Texas


river reflects a bright day in her natural classroom


through the branches that reach to touch the vast southern sky


she encourages each student . a steady and sure climb up the pole

zip line 9/2011

standing in the middle . my daughter . an Outdoor Education teacher

a mo ranch 9/2011

reminds each young teen that they can be free to fly . especially here


amid the warm sunshine . sky . and smiles