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to do list

hang on ...by more than a thread

relish the bowl in window ...filled with light


notice softness...like a feather lying in the yard


wear my favorite skirt ....and twirl


gaze at the stars....even this one by my chair

cast iron

routine is good

wake up . pour coffee . sit by pool as dawn arrives . give thanks that morning is heredawn

sit down . pour wine . catch shadows as sunset arrives . give thanks that evening is here texshadow blog

birthday concerto

to celebrate one more year today is a gift


to witness growth & grace in others
even more precious

practicing.. dressed in cut offs.. hair pulled back
the video was just a random moment
taking a request
from mom


your friendship and comments here a gift I truly treasure

take comfort


in a cello and a chair

a few minutes time

trumpet vine

and another

a few weeks ago while making dinner I looked out the window and saw her
photographing trumpet vine blooms in the sunshine
I reached for my camera and took these shots
while trying to be quick and quiet
probably through misty eyes truth be known
my camera focused on an old tree root hanging on the garden wall
with her images of orange and mine of blur
an impromptu photo project bloomed on that afternoon
in the hearts and mind of a mother and a daughter

taking a shot

trumpet vine


weave a life


then hold it together

some days with ease ....some with difficulty

t e a with p a p e r

this day provides a sunny spot to indulge...to drink in the simple moments


to follow what you know is right there written at the end of a string


paper art has saturated my mind
during my summer off from teaching
i received a stack of incredible materials from Nancy
some of which was used for a friend's going away scrap book

song bird

i am going away as well
flying from summer's carefree moments
to celebrate music each day with shining children
...hand clapping to the beat in music class
...the spirited hugs of a child
did I mention the dancing... oh we'll be flying like a bird

DSCN9642_4664_edited-1 1.psd
then I will perch here
with you my friends sharing
life and love through the lens

words flow

quiet thoughts of my mom and daughters as i greet the day

living room windows
constant companion
filter of morning light
echo memories like a stage
little girl skirts twirl to music of laughter
wheel-chaired grandmother sits still in the center
dawn to dusk you remain
open to the sky

color my world

hot Texas sun in August
a slim chance to experience a rainbow
I gathered some color from the archives
and created a "rainbow"... of sorts
ok I will!


if you would like to be part of the rainbow
add a photo, real or create one
leave a link and I will add to the rainbow!

Meandering Pearl .... Planet M Files .... Mrs E ... Life Signatures

random sight

a piece from a friend
is propped up

against the hearth
waiting for the sun
to play games
each evening
it is an art show
of the best kind

I am the crazy redhead
you see with a camera
AND a guitar by the pool
neither have gone in


nature's summer standout
grown everywhere
with strength and raw beauty
a poet in the garden
from beginning to end
loves me not

brown cone at my feet created by
the same Maker
who fills the sky with light

a simple quiet table

in the shadow of a morning
offering a cup of friendship
wherever you may live


at paths end

will you continue the walk with me underneath the oaks?
down the worn stones from the front door to the car
carrying her life packed in large cardboard boxes
excitement and promise
sealed with tape
the Ruella that line the way bloom
during the hottest days of a Texas summer

mexican petunia
DSCN9694_4607_edited-1 1.psd
and like a group of well wishers they display my feelings...
happy to see her begin her senior year at college
sad to see her leave the summer behind

just outside

through the window

past a favored spot


I welcome the day

though my path may feel worn and rough
as the week moves forward
the birds still sing
the wind blows
just outside

on the path...

its lavender
....to my home this flower welcomes me
not always in bloom... but always present as I brush past...

thinking about


fresh day....open heart


written on a page

100 plus degree days
shadows work