DSCN7430_2703_edited-1 1.psd

3 by 3 x 2

when you feel the gentle pull
to photograph . to write . to create
simple ordinary objects are seen differently

words signal emotions


used muslin bag softens to hearts

fresh idea

a drop of paint musters a new beginning


those of you reading this
write posts that stir the soul
wield a camera as an artists brush
create art in all mediums . simple and complex

the 3 x 3 collages below are
bits and pieces of ordinary seen differently
[with special messages on the back]

leave a comment at I STUDIO..
where my 3 x 3 collage appear each month
I will choose two names this Saturday night [10.2]
and announce them as "Sunday Shops" open


before I close the envelope

made for a friend but holding it one more moment for me

peace of the day is fleeting . yet clutched in my hand . threads tickling

reminding me that it is there . peace of mind . of heart . of age . of perception

wanted to share it with you just in case you may be running a little low on it as well


r e m n a n t s

between sunrise and wires


a bit of chipping paint

old ladder

I catch myself counting the days


as seasons are changing


photos sometimes will as well


I am growing ever weary of my black and white project yet with only 90 days left do not wish to end it
for the next few weeks the images chosen & posted there will be those that did not make it the first time



prepared to take flight
n the soft gray air
yet remaining
quietly sharing life


for them

early . at the window.

thoughts appear while standing by the creamy smooth sink

feet planted at days beginning or end as eyes take in a garden of memories

hoping that each moment might shine as a vibrant blue bottle

that you recall the comfort and love stitched for life

bright shadows whisper of growth around each leaf

along with the plump ripeness of each experience

I linger here in this everyday spot smiling through a tear drop

hoping that somewhere you are sitting pretty

sitting pretty

a visit north to emilys this day ... then down the road emma tree tomorrow for others sitting pretty ...

as we walk

angles and lines mix with softness and motion
seen through the eyes of days beginning and end

DSCN0776_0357_edited-1crepe myrtle

this is our crepe myrtle bush, my dog Sam was anxious to keep walking so this was my shot
later this week I'll be "Sitting Pretty " along with a special friend from down the road
with some shadows . blue glass . a block of wood and a ripe tomato

a truth

the nest of paper is comfort


between crisp folded connections


while lingering between empty and full

caught between empty and full

nothing profound . just random thoughts about how life can be at times

a soft gift


a hushed second

warp speed

a towering favorite

a tree . a sky

a wavering season


a comforting table


a gathering light

i l l u m i n a t e

a new week..

shhh .. a surprise for a special someone from Elizabeth's new shop..photos and torn edges I relish


a gift .. for me .. bought by me .. it is OK at my age! this sparkles at Blue Muse ..


simple BLOCKs ... collage work created from re purposed wood ... unraveling always


I invite you to a quiet spot known as "Sunday Shops"at i-Studio ..
a gentle beginning to a new week

through the drops


gazing through the blinds past the raindrop streaked window
my street swelled to a rushing river down a concrete hill
grasping at any hope amid tear filled eyes
the gracious web fluttered in the wind
yet still holding on ... as will I

oak web

we received eight inches of rain in a matter of hours from Tropical storm Hermine
our family room took in some of the rain . we are wet but safe

a word

remain . continue . stay . endure . sustain . withstand . patience . steadfast


like an apple

may your day line up smooth and straight

with moments that are tart . fragrant & shiny


wrought iron wednesday

amid daily curves and flakes


waits a star in reflection and wood


worn blooms against smooth stone


a hanger found in a parking lot ... shaped like a guitar


with iron .. worn and shaped
my "Imperfect Prose" for this day