quirky . relaxed . humorous . patient . lovable . compassionate . curious
are words that these two pets redefine for me
at times when it is most needed


waking up



The Pet Parade has arrived with two redheads Sam and Casey
Gayle and I hope you might share your special pet here in the comments
then march over to Shutter Sisters as the parade makes a special stop there today

walk with me

there is always the sky to touch .. close your eyes and smile upward

dance with arms entwined .. incredibly special when friends join in

put your best foot forward ...up the hill side by side ... in shadow and sun

step to the beat of a new song in the air .. in tune .. in flight .. in brown ..
sing on blog.jpg

lets walk .. embracing the blooms of summer .. watered at dawn each day

a friend


almost a year ago I received a random
email from a stranger ... generously offering a few of her childhood books
to use for my cards and art .. I offered her encouragement to begin a BLOG
we both said YES and it was real .. the world is like that sometimes .. I am glad

on blogvintage on blog 2

common thread

a struggle to find the words to write ... so paper birds are created ... simple pieces of cast aside paper ... sometimes a bit of paint or music ... always soft curves with a stitch to hold a wing cut from scraps of cloth .... often little wrens hanging from a painted twig to fly in the daily breeze and dance beneath the stars

spoolspainted.jpghanging bird.jpgchar

it is in the moments of scissor and paper
I feel happy . light . hopeful yet quiet . weary . wistful
knowing that you may feel that way as well
that is our common thread

as the sun lit clouds drift over my front yard
and each day begins with a bloom
DSCN0314_9854_edited-1 1.psd
all is well on my street ::: how about yours?
on lens r us blog

she and i

the garden tools are hung in their places . blooms and buds deeply watered

garden tools.jpgDSCN9179_4296_edited-1.jpg

the list has been made along with a bird or two to give away there . camera last to be packed

brown bird 1.psdjulypost.jpg

traveling with my daughter to be a sponsor for a camp with 300 teens and adults
.. no internet .. old and new friends .. a lot of laughter .. special music .. not much sleep .. back soon

standing here

winds move
as whispered thanks
amid each breath of color
in a field of


shared in response to L.L. Barkat’s prompt ... a tablespoon of summer

on our denim sofa

... a visiting redhead named Casey has made a sweet space for dreaming ...


within the folds of blue
snips of lace for wings are paired with melodic birds
to be used in a random act of kindness celebration in HER space


. in the softness here . art is admired and traded through the mail . new friends are made


random sight

just passing through an old Texas town on the road from here to there
happily pulled over to gaze upon the metal sculpture mixed in with original brick and mortar
from another time and place


... if that isn't random enough ... denim and more in this space tomorrow ...

paper and thread

take flight or lay low . red white and blue wishes to you



the lines of my everyday project remain curved & reaching . found in sunlight & rain .
indoors & outside . in focus or not


as Xanthe writes today at Shutter Sisters .. "a year of captured images can be challenging ..but worth it"

I so relate .. and the "word" each day too...what was I thinking !? though now I enjoy choosing them

photos taken from here . month six