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June 22 sunsetting
hot hot hot....it's like a bath but we are not complaining...

It's Hot so why not Bake!?

so I am baking this morning...no not outside in the summer heat
(was 104 yesterday)

basic green
but using some over ripe bananas ...is there any better aroma than this bread? Gold star!
next are snickerdoodles for a dear friend to munch on as she travels with her "baby" off to get him settled at college
safe journey you two.....

hide and seek

always present

spent at least two hours looking, searching for my keys this morning as i was about to leave to go practice....they were no where to be seen! such overwhelming feelings of frustration and bewilderment. I needed the extra set of eyes and JDK with his calming march from one room to the other...
white insidesam was feeling the panic....


keys were not here but in the mommy van
dropped under the fold down backseat...

Summer a.m.

morning glory

i like early mornings ....a time to quench my garden ....my soul..
the colors are vibrant, air cooler and street is silent.

here comes the sun

quilt in shadow

quilt in shadow
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this was made by my mom( 40 years ago)and I love to hang it on the line to dry...I miss her

cello among flowers

beautiful to see .....
amazing to hear

dallas arboretum
the first time to the arboretum...what a special way to visit! She played for a wedding and it was a very sweet moment for the "roadies"

God of Wonders SYW 08

God of Wonders @ SYW 2008

the week was little sleep, but a lot of energy....and a lot of love!

to those teenagers that will become our future I say blessings and thanks for the week of beauty and grace!

some are closed tightly .......other blossom fully open....the colors while the same hue have different shades and shadows. This is what I consider as I travel to a camp as a sponsor this next week with seven teenagers!

Purple Rain Purple Rain

purple rain

we needed the soft drops as well as the crashing downpour...a rainstorm is a gift in the hot Texas summer evening!