an anniversary of sorts ...

quiet here .. I know 

life has a way of laying silence in your lap 


today I share a post written elsewhere to another group of friends 

about our new lives . a different way of eating
 a more mindful way of living 

because I love you 

Tomorrow will be eight weeks since my husband underwent radical surgery 
for an aggressive cancer. Upon receiving the diagnosis a few months before the surgery,
 we took what we thought was a healthy diet up a notch and became plant strong or vegan.
After the cancer diagnosis I immediately did lots of reading and research
 to find out what I could do to help with this shocking turn of events in our lives.
 The answers that became apparent to me involved food choices.
So many different ailments our society faces seem to be helped by eating  more plant centered meals.
I thought I would really miss the cheeses, greek yogurt, eggs and skim milk, meat etc.
all of which I felt were healthy, but found that over time our tastes changed.

 We knew that while we did not have a cure, our changes would be encouraging,
give us something hopeful to focus on instead of the C word
 and a tangible way to be in some form of control over our day to day life.
 We have each lost 25+ pounds and LOVE the food and the way the lifestyle makes us feel!

The good news is that Jack is cancer free now, recovering well 
and will undergo extensive tests in March to determine if cancer cells have returned.
 Obviously, it was the best outcome we could have received!  
Because of the radical nature of the surgery, he has ongoing physical struggles and challenges,  
but we remain happy in the knowledge that our choices will continue to provide
 us with an amazing way to keep as healthy as possible! 

moments online here on my blog and in my Etsy shop
 have been gently stacked to the side on my old wooden table
 happily replaced with long walks together with our special golden 
along with renewed gratitude for each day we are given