simple twigs...

...among green hills 

spent seeds left  to see spring 
 encourage thoughts of gratitude and simple living 

4.24blogdaily ...

slow dance

from the fence in a quiet meadow 

we dance . face to the fragrant breezes

 a camera and a field of rain kissed spring poppies


a chair

smooth old wood . curves with well worn marks of life 

  often creaky . yet still strong . a soft place to land 

newlastcha achairabcd2

one chair in a charming room where I briefly stayed

  a reminder to embrace a simple moment 

 in the quiet light of day

before the storm

passing this tree on the way home . branches silhouette the dramatic sky

  birds silhouette the pending storm . catching updrafts of daily life      

while nature says welcome april with rain . hail and tornado

we are safe and dry . awestruck by the power