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birds & bricks

tu blog 530

yearbooks . celebrations . smiles . parties . endings . well wishes . plans . hugs
to look forward to as the week before us is the final one for me before a summer break
while daughter ... a graduating senior says good bye to high school . she is more than ready

as I muse on this transition of time [] brick and bird weave a story

stable . grounded . solid
light . free . motion
a little of each
in us all


I will take a break from blogging here in this space . yet hold you all close in my heart

June marks the passage of time in significant ways here at Red or Gray

with the continuation of spaces that mean so much to me

daily Black and White Photo project

almost halfway through

[] [] []

Red or Gray Art

creating at the table using repurposed papers & fabrics

began one year ago while constant yet quiet . passionate yet calm

will now be taking a rest as well

rhythm in each drop


drops of
rain or sunshine
in each we grow and move
welcome . savor . feel . appreciate

[ O ]

tucked amid life's color and clutter are every day moments of simple black and white

My creation

images used from black and white project

a yellow day

begins in softness

DSCN9891_9510 1.psd

shines regardless of barriers


adds a bit of tangy where needed

sour . smooth

leaves time to create

DSCN9469_9120_edited-1 1.psd

says thank you in a textured way

just because

may your day be filled with bright . soft . creative . tangy . textured colors



out of time
out of step .. out of breath
feeling part overwhelmed .. part grateful
loving final orchestra concert .. final awards .. senior prom
wishing two daughters "Happy Graduation" in the span of 3 weeks
counting the days until my teaching job is done for the year .. 15 days to go
inheriting a cat for the summer & celebrating a wedding anniversary along the way


although the wings appear a bit crooked and unraveled
I AM perched in the curve of the branch feeling support and comfort
thank you blog friends for your encouraging visits to this space always


if you wish, take a moment to look at the CARDS/ART section in my ETSY shop
I will draw a name Saturday night from the comments left here
and send you one card of your choice
because it is such fun to do

rust can encourage us to look at all parts of life and experience the patina on each unique piece


I feel somewhat like a rusted flower at time and that is OK...

a milestone

she did it... college graduate...

these words fill my heart
hold each one where they touch your own life
this weekend my daughter will graduate from college so I will be away
thinking of the few words that make each of our journeys
if you added one what might it be today?

strong thread

camera in hand . curled up in a quiet corner . catching the peaceful light

some days are filled with bright whites . strong reds
the soft curve of a vintage spool


while always a few moments remain a blur


tangles may appear as well


I resolve to stay in the light . leaning into the strong thread of life


Photo Play ... the details are here...

gardening is..

. my therapy . my workout . my canvas . my quiet . my muse . my season . my indulgence . my joy .
DSCN6873_6974_edited-1 1.psdMy creationMy creationMy creationyard.jpg

the clock is ticking so softly as the week ends . I embrace a breeze and count the moments

what does this say?DSCN9188_8905_edited-1.jpg

recalling each one as you quietly sat with me . a smooth golden locket of time held in your palm

.. hello ..


on the back


I am grateful for the visits in this space

a vintage book shared by a friend inspires me

to encourage the lost art of note writing

something completely different here

we breath

a little

shelter . span . single . growth . quiet . depth . color . intensity . melody . life . cracked . deep .


images taken by my daughter Annalise
late afternoon in the backyard