DSCN7430_2703_edited-1 1.psd

sun flower still

in a vintage pot . on the patio . a year dried

stilled by time and elements beauty remains


thirty three


what to do when words are torn yet undecided
cream and russet paper . raveling cloth wings . breath solace
rejoice . knowing that week ending . is soft rest beginning


resting in a memory of rain . morning stillness . aimlessly strolling

as week 33 of simple birds . simple words comes to an end

a bird of cream will wing its way in the mail to one of you

a name will be drawn in a few days . blessings

black and white

use etsy

school has begun . my time is not my own . missing you


thirty two


preparing for another spirited year as a music teacher

creating happy simple birds for a small shop

packing youngest off to university . again

be still

hums inside my mind

in moments of soft grass

glorious red rock views . art found in a meadow

it will be quiet in this space . a time of transition . blessings all

on any day

we are

open and closed

direct yet subtle

focus when blurred

upright while bowed


thirty one

a collection of wispy brown in late light

lightweight cardboard kept . always for a simple bird

a rich plaid raveling wing . sienna smooth twig


and grace . always and forever collect some . it holds me

tucked close to the heart . all wound and wrapped with silver wire

as I continue to collect year long links . a special way to end each week

a soft journal like no other

natural moments captured with film

collecting snips in bloom with words to match

hanging on brick


deep rust . weathered wood . mottled brick . missing parts

each one a daily reminder to embrace life no matter the age or patina

not a mirage

two birdbaths ... kept full each day


too hot ... record days over one hundred degrees

birdbath 2

two visitors ... appear most evenings to soak


too funny ... makes doing dishes entertainment



as I type this . she sleeps in her old room

almost grown one who has been away all summer

has now breathed fresh air and polka dots into our home


as week thirty [wow] ends of simple bird project

wishing you a special moment . dots included

along with a lavender harvest

a grand view . life in song


thinking through
the cracked wood of every day
to smooth and stable . wrapped and held


found unraveling among the weeds alongside Imperfect Prose