a week begins with ...


soft shades

of cream & white

a purposeful statement

how about you ...


a bit of bright texture

with a shot of vitamin C



hand made paper

with vintage lace wing

resting on block of smooth cedar



as this week begins and this month is almost at an end

I am grateful for your special comments in this post

I hold them close to my heart

he is doing well . eating . softly wagging his tail

and resting in the grass outside the studio window

this blog space will be quiet for a time . I will at the wooden table

simply creating for my shop . listening to the birds in the bare branches

embracing the bright blue winter sky and crisp air . thinking of you with a smile


his nest


as Sam settles into the last seasons of life . the aged dog draws me into the yard

winter grass feels like a soft nest to him while we sit each day . gathering four o clock light

yucca pods in our yard confirm what I already feel and hold close to my heart

that simple beauty is found in a spent shell . open and curved . reaching towards blue

among natures palette in shades from sepia to gray . smooth and texture

there is understanding in a patch of january garden between a dog and me

me & a tree

it's me curled up in the passengers seat
embracing the trees at 70 mph with a lens and a window between


even the blur . the merging of branch and sky in dark and light and soft


alone . yet side by side . bare . bright . lacy and gnarled

I can relate . me and a tree

in life ....



Picnik collage

an open heart . crisp paper
a breeze ... be it cool or warm
a friend who says call if you need to talk
white linen . weekends . joy of music . a rest
sun on our back . bare branch beauty . wings to fly

a lovely artist & blog friend Katy interviewed me as part of her ongoing series . I am giving away a string of red birds with a matching card there . have a wonderful weekend . so happy to have you in my space

winter light


in winter light

dry grasses shimmer

smooth needles click with color

cat with a pink nose ever watchful

a cup

in silver lines of a converted space . a unique name that caught my eye


past abstract metal blooms that never thirst . to well worn table created from a door


thoughts of past and present . flutter like steam from a mug

in a space of silver . unique . well worn . abstract . you are there


sharing faraway this day with Emily

in pursuit

I had one of those days this past weekend . so my camera and I took a walk


found abstract shelter under an oak . bare branches and all


was enchanted by three deep red dogwood leaves . still hanging on


feeling refreshed at home again . I curled up on the couch and found peace


in recycled text and smooth stone brought together in the late afternoon light


paperwhites and daughters


little bulbs begin curled small . . . sink their roots amid pebbles . water and sunlight

on the hearth .. on the piano . glass and stone keeping company with photos of daughters

who bloom . reach . lean . curve . teach me to grow . like paper whites


earth and sky



no big blog projects in 2012 planned

just simple moments with moon and dog



a blank page . a new year . what shall we do

/ pause / remain / rest / plant / read / hum /write / dream / wander /