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last two...

fairy tale year of simple bird with few words comes to an end

almost fifty two fridays shared with over 130 blog links


many birds sent along to friends . some listed in a little shop

a few linger on an old wooden table looking out over a wild garden


where quirky raveled wings take shape . birds curve and few words rest

much like the end of this year . most days happily ever after


for a simple state of being .

the dreams . love shared and the complete year listed here

I say thank you for the encouragement . a fairy tale new year to you all


and fifty ...


two simple birds hand cut from a photograph . taken in silent fog

vintage lace napkin showing soft wear of a life well lived

snip of scissors become wings . a bit raveled always

sewn together with thread and song of season

forty nine fifty

so today is 49 and 50 . during the past year I missed a friday . or two

as 2011 simple bird simple word project is coming to a close soon

these song birds seemed just the ones to include as a pair

wishing you and yours a calm and bright holiday

from my simple space . blessings all

like limestone

bleached in the Texas sun . washed in the softness of a lazy river

limestone is always abstract . natural . unique . bright . strong

whispering this day . that you are too


forty eight

red and green of the season in lines and a bit frayed

life seems anything but slow . hold a moment

in creative fruit . a snip of curved paper

berries and plaid . anticipation

wings of flight


[ this is simple bird number 48 in a year long every friday project
the complete collection is found at a link under my blog header

midweek pause

in black and white . in stillness and motion . embrace this day

DSCN7902_7737_edited-1 1.psdon the wayfog6.jpg

I sometimes return to photos from last years project . shared again today


wood and white

created at an old wooden table in the stillness of my home

so honored to be chosen to display and sell my work for one evening

at a sleek white table across town in a space that was merry and bright

sounds of the season filled the air . along with friends old & new


forty seven

one may not always be happy . not quite gentle enough

so a paper bird with muslin wings encourages us to keep trying

as winter blooms . while we seek wonder .

in the poetry of friendship


its time

strings . wood . notes . bells

music is the glue that holds each day together

DSCN9506tools of the trade

you are invited to the annual Christmas program tomorrow night

listen closely . you will hear small yet strong voices

of two, three, four and five year olds

and me . the music teacher

singing and ringing

and laughing



bare branches

drifting thoughts of branches .. newly empty

yet still full .. of texture like poetry

reflecting against the blue and brown of life

blog 12.4DSCN6829_6855_edited-1homewardDSCN6827_6853_edited-1.jpg

fourty six


Gracious :
Characterized by kindness and warmth

consideration, cooperation, and generosity

as the calendar page turns yet again . I dwell on theses words

along with create . moments to savor . and simple waiting

I would love to send this bird to you . please let me know if you would like it

I have plenty

[ this is week 46 of a year long every friday project
the complete collection is found at a link under my blog header