DSCN7430_2703_edited-1 1.psd

about a quilt

it has become faded in flowers . a hue that whispers about times of comfort . nothing fancy


strong ivory stitches one beside the other . straight in their own way . a path of thread


afternoon spent flapping in the breeze in anticipation of that "just off the line" aroma ...


soft cream fabric on the one side with "XOXO 1997" embroidered in navy


created by my mom so many years ago . although that "just yesterday" feel remains as my hand rests there


a reminder of all of you here ... my "quilt of friends" each a different square . color . flower
who stay for a moment wrapped in this space


brown wren
with a doily wing

in the light
of colored glass
DSCN0566_0115 1.psd

singing ... happy day to you . rest when you can . complete your tasks . or not . look to the light and see . a smile . a twig .

h a p p y

time spent with my daughter where she lives and works
through her I see ... listen ... hear ... learn

"welcome mom"

" I feel comfortable in this house"

home.jpghome 2.jpg

"I am excited by this land each day"


"I belong here...blossoming ...blooming"



"I dance close to the sky"


"I am growing ... reaching "


her gentle words spoken yet unspoken
held close in my heart

wheels and wings

poetry BIRD

a bit of  folded pale lace at a yard sale for a quarter . festive poetry from pages of a vintage book

Picnik collage

junk mail envelopes imagined into birds  . strokes of black ink creating blooms and curves


joyfully stitched and tucked into a suitcase as adventure beckons me away from my space here
a road trip to visit my daughter where she lives and works

reflection in window & water

simple birds

outside looking in i see strength to be me
  inside looking out i see freedom to be me



on a
of gray brick
sits a
weathered bench
holding this
days treasure
a simple cream rock
a curving crimson twig

blinds and a bouquet


 they are blurry I know . but the light was so right . a moment so fleeting
a testament to the day . standing tall . bright . reaching for the each space . bowing yet open

l i z

w e e k e n d

wrapped in soft white tissue paper . tucked into a crisp envelope
created for a friend far away or for you right here
gentle is always within grasp
a reminder I need as light appears at dawn
on the linen that covers wood



four rings created with words of truth

as a way of keeping our family close in thought

while we experience a journey of growing and leaving

which is really OK for today ... it's exciting ... even expected!

the girls wear them on their pinkies .. mom and dad close to the heart

in the clouds

I am playing along with my friend Georgia
"on cloud nine" a happy . special place to be
my list of nine include...

vintage Texas brick in white

cloud nine

sweet Casey . our summer visitor


special hand created encouragement just when I needed it

cloud2 1.psd

daily soft moments in black and white

on a windowsill

family reflected in her smile...and glasses!!


favorite seasonal berries consumed fresh


recycling a card into a string of blue birds with love

DSCN0159_9762_edited-1 1.psd

the perfect imperfection of a garden in bloom


cloud nine always and forever includes a guitar and you


what make you feel like you are floating on a soft cloud ?

papers . photos . few words


some moments I lift the camera to embrace the world around me
and at times sit quietly with recycled paper and fabric bits
cutting curves . straight lines . making melodies

as the summer breezes gently arrive
and the activity of school fades away for a season

I feel the desire to simplify further by merging two blogs
with the hope that the paper art intertwined with photos in this space
will offer you both wings to fly and a place to rest