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a season

begin . bloom . fresh . subtle . bright . begin . simple . new . soft . cool . burst


smooth strength



wrought iron bent in curves with swirls . against the backdrop of greening earth and branches

small black stones curve smooth by waves wrapped in spring and sky colored twine

a3 b2abc

a wish for you . for me

to feel smooth strength this week

in iron and stone


change of heart

pink . not an all time favorite . yet this one brings a change of heart 

 encouraged by the brazen blooming in early spring


warm gentle emerging of each bud arising from royal deep purple leaves 

  abstract blooms the norm . in all directions 

not caring much who might see the swaying in the breeze


coaxing a nod amid shadowy curves  against the gray bricks of home 


 now leaning against the subtle bark of the oak . among the browns and green of life 

 a bright pink fills my garden and my heart . spring is like that
a pink

brick by brick

 bright and strong

 built one upon the other as time ticks away against the wide sky

a2 abc1

 they begin as a backdrop of limestone . a gentle reflection on a calm stretch of water 

in a special wide and open place . west of where I am 



under branches . windows . clocks and modern art 

 together yet different. natural and abstract . smooth and rough