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Today is the birthday of the one who keeps a red head from going crazy and turning gray!

Happy Day Dear!


first day of summer

this was a shot on the first day of summer....the days are sunny and hot and our bushes are having a colorful time!


pink and green

this is waving to the mail person each day...such strong colors in the hot summer sun.

LOVE Thursday

sisters who love each other and THE WEEPIES! great song!

blueberries not worthy

blueberries not worthy

these make their way to my bowl each morning ....some are too green...over ripe but beautiful as they are stems and all.

raindrops and sunshine

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that dewy time in the morning after a rain as the sun appears...what perfect leaves on this maple!

sunny green orange

sunny green orange

what a wonderful morning to garden and enjoy the many layers of my yard...the pool the sun and our little green orange...never have had an orange ripen from this tree and oh the thorns it produces almost 2 inches long and Very sharp. By 11:00 I was ready to hang up my gardening hat from the heat...

Dust and Daughter

hack!hack! achoo! achoo! yes deep cleaning
AKK's room today what a job the dust is flying but we are still talking to each other...but look at that face!

beauty berry bush

sun produces wrinkles ...veins!

my friend

my little girl she would be the red and the gray!


June 10 peek-a-boo-pool
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it is difficult to slow down from what is a school year the blur, the details, ...but we are surely giving it our best shot! hope you are as well.


my dear red friend I hope your eyes are feeling better than mine this day...eye exam today with positive results...dialated pupils right now tho'

relax the curls

june 7 relax the curls
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school is done...the summer days have begun! Have you ever seen such amazing hair? RED!

windy and warm

june 4 windy and warm
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sunny and windy was the day

june 3 only dangled crocs today

third day of our summer project...the life of a pool in 90 days 90+ degrees