sneak preveiw

start each week here with a quote to encourage and inspire.
positive words for parents and teachers who are shaping the future!

see you Monday...........

bright light


Friday ....start your day with lots of FLAIR
and see the brightness in others!
Although my list of things to do this day is long the sun is shining on me ~ one little flower in the world.

Love Thursday

Stars and Stripes in the sun

Today like millions of other Americans
I went to work. I didn’t design a beautiful skyscraper,
I didn’t write a proposal to save an endangered species,
And I didn’t drive a bus or fly a plane,
Or write a crucial bill that would someday become a law.

However, I did spend time with some very important people.
I read a story to an attorney,
I sang the alphabet song with a Supreme Court Justice.
I ate lunch with a pastor,
And patted the back of an engineer,
Taught a policeman how to zip his jacket,

And introduced an astronaut to the color red.

Tomorrow, who knows whom I’ll meet,
But one thing is for sure…
They will be very
For they are our precious children,
And the hope of our very future.

~~~Author Unknown~~~



1. tasting of or being a mixture of bitterness and sweetness

2. pleasant but tinged with sadness


This definition fits like a soft, well worn pair of jeans. My mother was ill year upon year, and had virtually switched roles; I now her “mother” (with 2 small kids of my own) she the “child,” her cognitive thoughts and reasoning stolen by a massive stroke. I longed for the mom I once knew but loved the “momchild” I now had…bittersweet.

She passed early one morning, ironically on my birthday.

Years have been spent dwelling on the meaning of that last action (as if she had any control of the timing) and I made the choice to honor her memory on that day…realizing in a way it was her last gift to me …the deep comfort of knowing she was free…bittersweet.

“Time is more valuable than money.....
You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

tick tick tick, originally uploaded by sammymom.

High school thoughts

first day
feelings of excitement ...
resolve ~ remember?


morning glory
the best time of the day ... morning... new hearts

a beginning and the end

freedom is coming to a close...
just a few short weeks ago I was doing this

which fills my heart with so much joy!

summer days included time in our backyard moments in the garden

many sun filled days

is your summer coming to a close as well?

Have a wonder-filled weekend... Monday will come soon enough!

golden moments

we rescued him from a rough life a few years ago ...only now do we realize that he rescued us as well...Happy Love Thursday each day!


top down summer

road trips in a 40 year old convertible
....wind in the hair
feeling the cool morning with the new sun....
anticipating star-filled nights.

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. ~Lao Tzu

my junior leaves

my oldest travels to college with dad tomorrow.
As the hum of the washing machine punctuates our home this day and the aroma of baking cookies fills the air ... the summer draws to a close and we become 3 again...focus

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. - Unknown Quote

enjoy the weekend .....

with those you love!

and ode to Love Thursday

Granpop and AKK enjoying time

LOVE is sitting side by side with Grandpop who is 70 years older than this redhead ... favorite picture on this Love Thusday.

Thanks TUFY

chapel on the hill
"A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the
contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together,
knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it,
keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away."

READY...or not

caritas heartsantique sharp

school settles in for two redheads and one blond in less than two weeks

Embossed Hummer

hummingbirds are in my yard each day enjoying turks caps

turks cap
bushes of bright orange

orange breakfast

they are moving too fast for me ....this is a plant hanger ....using the emboss tool , can you tell?

metal flyer

Love Thursday

love thursday every day

even more important at this age

Rainbows and Rover


it's Wednesday baby is home and all is well...


how could it be any other way with a sweet face like that!

august warmth

what will August bring? it is a moving and shaking kind of time here with the the heat leading the way....some will begin life-changing jouneys
sweet travels my dearGrace Seniors

with home made cookies to munch on the way

snickerdoodles for twin

remember.. you are not alone... near or far..
sand print

keep reaching in the August sun!