not quite

in the south we are deep in between two seasons
the feel of summers final end and falls delicate arrival mingle together


I have discovered this time in my creative life as well
hardly an artist . far from a real writer . always an almost photographer
yet I will continue to bloom and turn color even during this season of not quite


a list

a list

strong glue

words that build up

soft . well worn jeans..Levis mostly

an almost opaque shade of white wash

how torn paper looks . sounds . feels falling from pages

smooth wood . resting in the palm of your hand

a delicate yet abstract crack

an unraveled heart

or two
with emily

one cart . one camera


yes I am the eccentric lady whose red hair is swirling in a gust of the impending rainstorm

standing in the parking lot with a cart full of groceries . camera poised

marveling at the movement of the clouds

watching the birds sway and balance on the lines as they swing

knowing that this is more important than loading the bags in the trunk

g r a t e f u l

037 019

as each breeze floats through a window

for each moment that ticks by

noticed and savored

past the screen

occasionally I let life fill a deep wheelbarrow with disappointment
a mound of worry . a shovel full of doubt


this is my studio window which looks into the back yard garden
a vintage wheelbarrow parked there is filled with Stonecrop in bloom each fall
they are hardy . loyal . interesting . self sufficient . humble . vivid . unique


gazing beyond my computer screen . pausing amid the taps of the keyboard
it is there planted in the soil that fills a rusted wheelbarrow
I grasp lessons growing towards the autumn light

i hike to emilys to share

s i m p l e

My creation

on a soft autumn day almost one year ago
a friend . now ring designer
was my first sale in a small shop

I continued creating
at a smooth table by a window
overlooking the garden
in all seasons

as the leaves once again
dance in the autumn breeze
I cut and stitch "six months . simple BIRDs"
each unique design sent with a hug from my space
to you or someone you imagine may delight
in receiving a simple bird
in their mail box

dancing and flying

that's me twirling towards the end of the week

I celebrate each of you that visits this space


encourage you to gaze beyond the rusty spots of life


seek out those that will wrap you in support no matter what


when the breeze catches you remember to be willing to fly

fly if you can ...

a southern bloom

I breath deep the coolness that is a welcome part of this season

the garden is pondering fall yet offering surprise gifts in white


... common white milkweed or frostweed . uncommon this day ...

i see

blocks . curves . lines . shadows . light . softness . stones . cloth . wood . metal . edges . layers

irons hallblack and white and love

five o clock

tired from work . tired from life . the light and softness of the couch welcomes me
from this corner of my world I wish you a very special five o clock moment


n o s t a l g i a

emotion gently caught in my throat as the soft brown paper was torn away that afternoon


memories of an artist that was my mother so many years ago . I longed for her


swirls of life as baby daughters were cradled . now grown . smiling at the thought of them


I quietly traced my fingers over emilys canvas feeling the richness of her gift given


the sunday creative .. on a monday with a splash of tender nostalgia

essential elements

a creamy bloom opening to a mild autumn morning


bubbling fountain creating a mist to refresh


a song to sing around every corner


what part of each day speaks to you?