random smiles

a wild shot through the sunroof

green light ....moon light

wooden spool of thread with soft birds


wishing simple smiles for you this day

two of me

under droplets of sweet summer rain
under rays of intense warm sunshine
like a
bloom & wilt
grow & wither
sway on a breeze
stand still & silent

a summer swim

beckons to eleven year old Sam as he spies the ball
DSCN9304_4360_edited-1 1.psd
splashes in with one quick jump
glides with easy, relaxed strokes
sweet success!
i'm ready!

on land or water enjoy the parade of pets hosted by Gayle at Planet M Files

i LOVE a parade!

little pieces of art lovingly handmade,
sent through the mail on the occasion of one year of blogging last month
Friends from near and far sent mini works of art, such a parade of talent!
click on each one to view the artist info.

christinaheart fullkimmie

Wednesday will be the summer edition of "Pet Parade" hosted on Gayle's blog,
post photos or poems or stories about you pet and link up for what proves to be a wonderful way to parade by your corner of the world with a smile.

no matter what

this day holds
may you reflect
in a soft and quiet way

golden moments

fallen magnolia leaves gathered from the scorched summer grass
the bouquet rests on my backyard bench
taking the time to notice the beauty in each one
watching the slow motion of the lucky one in the pool
"All I Need is a Moment"
a photo group snapping images
at the same timeall over the world

embrace the blur

silver heart .. life magnified .. golden moments
Alicia and Georgia are as well

blue with flowers

open hand

open hand ...open heart
life blooms on ceramic and wood

blue cross

dusk understood

as the day draws to a close ... the sun drops behind the trees
much undone ...unsaid
the soft shadows gently wrap up the hours of light
unassuming ...unbelievable

second time around

I am happy to participate in Buried Treasures today
along with a wonderful group of artists and bloggers
all digging up previous posts they consider a favorite
my photo blog is the canvas that opens my eyes
to an artistic world each day
the post I share
today is

"I Feel"

there are days I feel torn and cracked

leaf one

there are days I feel vivid and smooth

berry 3

all growing on the same stem

note to self

this day is a gift ... wrapped in grace ...tied with strength

song in the trees

"there came a moment in the middle of the song when she suddenly felt every heartbeat in the room & after that she never forgot she was part of something much bigger"

story people

out there

turks cap
stay together
spirited color of summer
reach for poetry each morning

gems in the sand

a beach of white hidden from the crowds
often pounded by storms of nature
a vacation long ago ...

a watercolor hanging in my family room
created by an artist, my mother
how I miss these gems today

watercolor beach
blessings to my friend Georgia for bringing this to my mind

join in Thursday ...dig for hidden gems at the Altered Page

lemon lesson

DSCN7716_3079_edited-2 1.psd

from bloom to fruit
be tart and full of color

DSCN6748_2165_edited-1 1.psd

simply music

blue skies...garden shadows
music and trees

trees branches curved by time
air guitar too shadow in the side

smooth quiet reflections
fingers and strings

music and garden
a simple part of my day
garden song

pay a visit to Soul Aperture for more simple moments

some days


some days you fly..... some days you stay

random shots & thoughts

could not live without trees ...leaves are art and music to memaple shine

quilts hand stitched with love ...dried on the clothesline...I smilequilt flair

halfway through the table by a window project for the year... keeping it real
keeping it real

power went out during the last storm...low light ...favorite new pitcher
no power

laughter shared in a family is pure bliss and blur!laughing so hard!

your blogs .... give me such a sense of support and reflection