shades of green

at the sink I stand . pear and avocado ripen in the window

a bit of my feelings perch on the same sill . intertwined as they often are


moments of happiness and contentment will find you as the day stretches ahead

as well as fleeting disappointments and perhaps a note of sadness

often distinct feelings will remain side by side . in aroma and curves . in shadow and sunshine


eight tea

along side the tissue paper birds and a few collected tea bag quotes

never overlook an impromptu moment . a garden of books

and feeling that you are somebody's favorite

eighth week in a year of fridays

a corner

cat on a sunlit chair . aged dog lying below on a soft quilt to cushion his aches
hoping for a treat . they watch me create with paper on a worn table

watching me
a corner of the table

tea kettle steams . holly bush waves to the sky outside the studio window
we relish moments of crunching and sipping . waving back


the good china ...

there are times when your plate is filled to overflowing . I understand


we keep a number of plates spinning in the air . I feel the motion


be still . experience the smoothness . dream of a garden . just for a moment


this is my mother in laws china . it is old and very loved



wherever we may be . morning will come .

through the beckoning light

gently caught between two seasons

on the porch with a very special friend


musing about life . past and present . in black and white .


wide eyed at the marvel of bare branches in the middle of nowhere


comforted by the invitation . as the soft air of spring visits . a familiar space


swept up in a long ago memory . loving hands that held the smooth wood


images here from the archives of a completed black and white project

I heart

late afternoon moment in the sun . the subtle wind chimes in the yard next door
one smooth piece of balsa wood found in the closet . shadow strong yet simple
willow wishes sent from the heart . with love . everyday

the pause..



may you find a happy sigh in this day

bright and blue fresh air

slow & quiet contrast

as the tide rolls

the day after

across 300 miles we share a love of words . music . strong ties . blooms . growth

as december ended . she traveled back with a tin can bulb perched on rocks

blog 2/9

now upon her sill in the west Texas sun bulbs grow ..they reach .. stretch .. as does she

these photos were taken by my daughter . blooms and oaks welcome the morning sun


today . the day after her birthday . life's adventure continues

may the hopes and dreams of the new year reach for light . amid sweet aroma

this is my wish for her . for you . even myself . sharing growth with emily today



to find spring in creamy stitch

to stand strong amid the shadow

and gaze skyward to smile at a moment

simple birds . simple words every friday this year


I will be away for a awhile . be well . you are a blessing to me

four miles away

the super bowl is being played where I live . I am not a football fan but cheer for

clear sky . bright sun . shining glass . abstract steel . lace like branches . blue shadows

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage