one . day . simply

torn papers . frayed fabric . cast aside pieces . call to me
inspiration takes form on 3 inch by 3 inch paper


a snip of an ivory doily found languishing upon a thrift store shelf
becomes a part of this piece yet any medium works together
photos . paint . magazines . wood . wire . nature . words


3 x 3 collage can be a gentle escape for a busy life . it takes little time with no real rules
yet is small enough not to overwhelm you or your space


I encourage you to try this soon . maybe even today
work with what you have . in your own style
snap a photo and post a link at the truly exciting

Inspiration Studio

where we can gather to share and inspire
and today may it be one square at a time



today is my birthday . . I share it
with a common century plant .. alike in many ways


. . a long time bloomer . . a bit quirky . . always reaching toward life . .

DSCN0542_0093 1.psd

swaying with the wind . . a blue sky lover . . at times hidden in the trees

DSCN0519_0071_edited-1 1.psd

growing up and out . . a few sharp edges . . displaying bright color of age


times of shadow . . soft strength . . content to be . . a year older


the almost season


the days of almost ... mix with life as it comes and goes
golden sunflower farewell baked by summers intense sun
stolen moments as she prepares to leave for university thursday


along . the . way

around each curve is wood . stone . paper [] a song of strings . imperfect heart . bits of cloth

cello.jpgDSCN1001_0527_edited-1 1.psdstring

joining along side Claire today as I freeze moments of a simple day

if you paused a moment to do the same ... what would appear

no journey complete with out black and white images

using textures by the very special Kim

' p u r p l e ' r a i n '

DSCN1018_0552purple rain.jpgtoes.jpg

day thirteen of over 100 degrees arrives as promised
watering purple vines . red blooms and toes in the bright sun
has become a daily ritual with cool water droplets that relax & refresh

deep in thought


as the blooms sway in the summer breeze ... in the shadow of a window from long ago


by a rusty fence outside a quirky sculpture ... at the taste of sweet grapes on the kitchen counter


at every stop light sky ...


on a desk

fresh sunlight peeks through closed blinds as the day songs begin


softly the tunes change exposing the blurred reflection of the world outside


now wide open to the light in the sky through the tall trees that sway above


a collage framed . for a friend . waiting to be wrapped . a simple moment .

[shades of blue and cream ]

at home [] stitched words of encouragement with the wrens looking on


in the garden [] a circle of life played out in tiles around a table of friends


on a trip [] hands seen clasped in sculpture against a clear summer sky


in the car [] rear view mirror between drops as storms pass and miles fly



solace is found

along a garden fence

comfort among shadows

leaves of green flutter in song


where is your comfort today?

this post is part of a special collaboration


sitting at a table
tracing the outline of life
as it spans complete spaces

on the road at home

. taking part in "imperfect prose" today . because it is . always


although I grow weary of my year long black and white project here . I will continue . today .

102 degrees


I stayed inside
cleaned the junk drawer
and found peace amid the paperclips


b l o o m


sent across the miles


tucked softly between white paper

cut along lines with love

DSCN0312_9852 1.psd

colors from the heart


soft white heat of summer