. edge .

feet planted alongside a sea of Indian paintbrush waving a vivid farewell to April

pbrush.jpgDSCN9259_8973 1.psdpbrushbw.jpg

pause to sway upon each breeze that floats in your direction
safe amid the long grasses that whisper encouragement
to reach for the colors that create moments of life

pbrush4.jpgpbrush6.jpgpbrush3 1.psd

one more bloom HERE in my daily black and white blog

cloud and clear

time stops with camera in hand


gentle curves of black windows beckon


layers of bark become canvas


life in smoothness and texture on a cloudy day




thin paper recalls the whisper at each turn

elusive thought flys by way of scissor and thread

the closely held book open to the soft air

lending support as the stitches catch the cloth

the view from here

i see

a bizarre little window on the landing of the stairs
wondering why it was put there by the builder over 30 years ago
it becomes clear while gazing out through it each morning
as I make my way down the stairs

or catching reflections
of the tree against it's glass
from the front yard in late afternoon


final . dogwood . images . of . spring


every day

each day

. sunlit

bud beginning

in the simplicity of the moment
opening blossoms linger in the evening sun
lines etch new leaves and soft petals
as stems float in delicate edges

do not forget

celebrating the dogwood this week

. soft

petal viewDSCN9156_8822 copy 1.psdno words

sky opens above the branches ... pink blooms bow and reach

. . . .

celebrating the dogwood this week

foundation of a weekend


add a word if you care too .. take one if you need it

black and white

My creation

encourages me
to look closer . to see differently . to shake my head . to be ever searching . to click with joy . to focus on the outward .
to be less critical . to be

each day photos appear HERE ... a little part of life

in absence

grateful in green

my mother saw life creatively ... especially through the tip of a watercolor brush
these thoughts return as I photographed the simple budding branch below
instantly reminded of the feeling in this unframed painting of hers

even in absence learning continues ... a gentle lesson to hold close in love

DSCN8906_8636_edited-1 1.psd

Claire's Photoplay prompt . "share a photograph that reflects a life lesson learned"

sam & a lemon tree

meyer lemonsam1.jpg

a graying golden dog with his ball
a bright lemon tree in a pot

thoughts remain close
yet drift far off

a pause . a breath
in the garden

DSCN6669_6704 1.psd

[ between branches ]

DSCN9048_8740_edited-1 1.psd

amid the budding branches . reaching for the moon . bowing to the sun . may you find your space

/ / / /


in between
smooth lines
still shadows
in reflection
a melody

do . not . blink .

DSCN7607_3035_edited-1 1.psd

time passes so swiftly
we're off to visit another college
excitement while surreal
a new season of life

DSCN9934_4870 1.psdDSCN7612_3040.jpg




a wish for this day

welcome april

with smiles . friends . blues . fragments . poems . threads . sighs . shapes . songs . comforts . wings


two poets