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thirty nine


I am blessed to sing everyday . find it impossible to live without song

along with birds . among moody blooms . memories of vacation

most times the tunes are "vivo" ... meaning lively and quick

yet some moments call for "lento" ... meaning slow

may you sing a song this day . and always


Tracy said...

lento... even the word, saying, the tongue lingers and goes slow... all by it's self, naturally... I like slow! Your musical birds inspire me to sing today. Having not liked the sound of my voice before, recently I am leaning to love my voice and sing often... In the privacy of my home or shower for now, though ;o) Sweet musings and moments today... Bless you, Elk! Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

GailO said...

How lovely to live with song all day!

I love the vivo but I will admit that I am much more of a lento:)

How fun that you linked to Picturing the Year! My vacation with the children is always a mix of both vivo and lento!

june at noon said...

I used to sing almost daily in high school, with all the things I was involved in (chorus, ensembles, theatre). That's sort of faded away in this new phase of life. Thanks for the reminder to sing! :)

Jamie said...

Music and your lovely birds - a perfect combination.

rachel awes said...

love this music XOX

Becca said...

Love the music birds, and when I first saw "Lento" it reminded me of the slower paced life I am getting to enjoy now. Thank you for the link! I saw "moody blooms" and thought of you...wondering to myself what that might link to. :-) so fun, thank you.
A happy weekend to you!

S. Etole said...

Lovely little songbirds ...

Anonymous said...

Music invigorates the soul and we play a lot of it. I only sing in my car, though, alone.

Jewels said...

Just beautiful!

Anna said...

Feeling the joy of your song and art filled days! Lovely!
As always, thanks so much for your support of my posts at iStudio :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh so much joy
in this waterfall
of birdsong
...I hear your beautiful
in these simple birds
and it makes my heart
love and thanks,

beth said...

i sing everyday, too......LOUDLY and extremely off key which fortunately doesn't seem to bother anyone here.....and then i dance :)

Marcie said...

Love how you've found the most perfect word to adorn your beautiful words. Yes - sometimes I prefer vivo...but lento often does work!

SE'LAH... said...

i dangle on your every word. you are such a joy to visit. sending love.

one love, my friend.
thanks for all the calm you provide.

mrs mediocrity said...

the songs you sing are always sweet and peaceful.