twenty four hours

oak shine

evening candle

bright and soft
flare and flicker
blaze and beacon

birds of a feather

we are similar ....yet not
cut with the same scissors different paper
pausing to breath together in our simple space
but moving in a direction of our own choice for this time

a dollar

this camera does not function in the conventional way

it was a mystery found on a dusty table in a drive by garage sale

royal reflections

I considered it a found treasure ...a blank page

half reflection

using reflections in the lens and viewfinder

lens multiplied

as a playful and unique way to see the world

viewfinder geraniums

may this day show you life from different angles and imagination
there is plenty of that at Julia's Hooked on Houses

in a chair

my mind
is filled with this
vibrant hummingbird bush
while sitting in a chair at the dentist

in a garden

good morning
it is my time to tend to the plants
the early morning shadows beckon to me
the ever present sun will be strong...warm...bright
try too

time to bloom

no matter what season of life you are living

it's all there

no thought of your shape or color

5 weeks later

not who you have been or are becoming

closed and open

hike over here
to see the new growth 6 weeks earlier this spring

the father

sky dad
you have blessed them with solid rock
and given them the sky
I am grateful

attract joy

magnetic weekend
have a magnetic day!

quiet twice captured

soft light from the north forms a dreamy moment
i sit intently watching her through the lens
reading for the simple pleasure of it,
not college textbooks
that rule her life
so many days


later now behind the lens
she sits relaxed
softly capturing reflections of candles from the fireplace
as they shimmer on the windows of the family room where she has grown up

today i wish you a joy filled moment during an everyday life
shared quietly with someone you love

it is so important

as i see it

feeling somewhat dry and cracked
the garden wall and tucked into the yard
are vivid reminders that rust is OK ...inevitablerust oneon the wallrust tworust 3
the color is bold yet subtle, deepened by time
it perseveres against life's elements
colored with experiences
rich in texture

it's here

embrace summer
with two redheads
back yard... shore... pool side
i really like these two!
more summer can be seen at Little Red House


in the dark there is light....alwaysold in sun

electric blue

thank you
thomas edison
for the gift of electricity
wild Texas spring storms knocked down
trees and branches, flower pots and power lines
I will catch up with the blog world when life is once again stable

on my counter

colors I love
fill the lens and my heart
color in the rounda cup
visit Choocooloonks for more love in many colors
to celebrate one year of blogging I am sponsoring an easy and fun
art swap here

simple things today..

sky pine
.a breeze .a smile .a bark .banana bread .clean sheets .laughter between two .ice water
.you .denim .a quiet morning .a sun roof .grace .toddler hands .cut paper .blue eyes
simple things continue at Christina's Soul Aperture

on a walk

there was a leafresting
assuring me life is OKit is OK
encouraging me to just keep floating

a young blog

once upon a time
in a land not far away
a redhead picked up a camera
not fancy, professional or monumental
just photos of everyday life shared with you
that was one year ago this week, over 300 posts
artists met, friends gathered, new discoveries relished
from a friend
to celebrate your visits
I want to share with you the
"Artist Trading Card (ATC) Swap"
it is easy, often interesting and creative
first choose any medium... photos, poems, collage, painting etc.
then create six ATCs using only standard ATC size 2.5 x 3.5 inches
you may create them all the same, use a theme or each a "one of a kind" card
when complete
put all six in an envelope addressed to ELK
along with a self addressed stamped envelope
I will gather them together when they all arrive
divide them up between participants
then return to you six miniature
works of art to enjoy

artist trading card
if you would care to participate let me know in your comment on this post by Friday 6-12
also please leave a way to be contacted by e-mail
for more ATC how-to info this is a good LINK
I will send out an email to all swappers
with my mailing address
send completed ATC's
no later than July 1
so happy to share
a very special

see it

stumpa favorite pot
a stump and a broken pot
cracked . worn . faded
strong . grounded . beautiful

blue heart

sending this card to you
on the soft caress of a cloudsky heartup there

two gifts of love

a gift
the little girl's soft hand gently passes the cream pitcher to me
her cocoa eyes shining from behind dark fringed hair
thanking me for the year of music

a gift of love

her confident smile and excited eyes sparkle
magic swirls around the room as proud friends and family
murmur words of love and celebration to our friend graduating from high school

blue gift

random bits

of red in the garden and beyond make me smile
my hope is that you are smiling as well
find fleeting...random..... moments
waitingdrive by benchberries birds love!time fades

red series