thanks giving

thanks softly ...
for the bench . a bright spot to sit and rest . to talk and laugh . or not


thanks breathlessly ... for "Chapel on the Hill". a spot where my daughter works and lives

mo ranch

thanks naturally ... for a southern garden . where geraniums still bloom in november . joyfully


thanks singing ... my job and hobby . life in a daily rhythm . music is my breath in and out


thanks gazing ... tufts of clouds painted white with sky vivid blue . held by tall oak trees

a storm

thanks creating ... in paper and cloth . glue and texture . a small twig . good life


just a short list of thanks giving . as I take a break away from this space
your visits amid the snapshots of my simple life whisper and hug
so grateful for comments of encouragement and friendship
wishing moments each day softly wrapped in thanks

red or gray in black and white will continue daily .. only six weeks left !
my simple shop remains open .. along with my heart . blessings

8 plus 1

I never open my shop here in my photo blog space . yet today
on a soft autumn breeze in they flew . just in time for a small holiday sale
curves . colors of a season . moving or still . a block or two . threads . wood & cloth
one of a kind pieces with a simple thank you for being here . always

picnikfile_jSEVQyMy creation


the quiet pays a visit once more . pausing
while shadows stair step across a light filled studio
when my words hide or seem hollow ... I stitch them together
with threads of ivory and blue . resting upon wood and cloth . heart and soul

aroma of cedar in the evening airDSCN8932

more prose stitched together at emily's who lives a world away yet close in my heart

top step


perched on the top step of the front porch


sifting through memories that quietly lay in my lap


then gently releasing them to the setting sun

thank you for coming friday

grateful . for life in black and white . the contrast . the season . the song . the surprise


images are part of a 30 days of gratitude ...

i see . i click

at the end of a sidewalk a late autumn bloom
waves atop a tall stem whispering ... be bright . keep blooming


a gentle curve amid a gray stone wall encourages me to be supportive . strong . unique


a metal sun awash in natural tones smiles and reminds me to grasp boldness . style . flare


may you find yourself noticing life in a different way . with camera in hand

in a nest

temporarily out of focus . hovering . amid textures of brown and gray . knotted thread


wearing the heart of a loner . flying just out of the loop . coasting into solitude


yet knowing that under a soft wing is a reminder of reliance . hope . confidence . freedom

just thinking

a duet

one more moon shot

. pre dawn moonlight held by branches . sunlit shadows held by wood and note .

chapel time at preschool

black and white and thankful

for wooden spools of light and dark thread . framed tools my mother once used


as the soft light envelopes each day I breath in thankful and attempt to feel it
one month of simple gratitude will be posted on the almost completed black and white blog
I am participating along with with Joy and Curious Girl .... grateful for community . always


I celebrate and smile ... reflecting into a picture window
knowing she is seeing the same 4:00 sun
in her east Texas town down the road


I sweep and smile ... coaxing leaves together on a soft breeze
along with all your encouraging comments
when I was feeling ... not quite enough


I pause and smile ... into the graying face of a gentle
old friend watching each photo clicked in the quiet of a late afternoon