thirty eight on thursday


it ripped between the s and t ... as I prepared to create a simple bird

instead of casting it off as an unusable piece of text

I embraced the metaphor that spoke to me


we are not always strong . yet often stronger than we realize

at times overwhelmed with "rips" of life or held together in soft watercolors and muslin


torn between strength and .... what we make of it

aspens on a journey . bliss of a moment . making sense

one day early this week . because I feel the strength today

who knows about tomorrow


listening to this CD for inspiration today

passing it on as a reminder . you are beautiful ... and strong



at waters edge

natural puzzle pieces on wood

winding path leads through shadow

I gently ease into the week camera in hand

thirty seven


light wood . wound twine . simple bird . happy links

resting in morning warmth

among the clover

as you turn back

words on a stone


Instead take time to read or think, to pray or to stare at the clouds as they pass

Take a nap or a walk or just sit. Be quiet. Listen.


embracing imperfect prose

thoughts on seeing


it is a gift to be transparent at times . in it is seen softness and grace


look beyond the holes of today . focus on the angle and strength of a limb


thirty six


have hit the inevitable plateau . fifty two week project blues

then I gather raveling fabric . torn words . a pebble to say "thank you"

for staying so many weeks . the birds would not still be here if you were not

I am posting here today on a breeze . memories sifted . while looking up in awe

iron joy

around each curve in the fence ...


among rust spots & peeling paint of any day ...


is found an abstract moment . natural unexpected joy


thirty five


be happy

with brown paper curves

recycled cloth heart . now wing

strips of paper . gently tucked inside


it can be elusive . the happy part . I understand

may you find a bit this day

in a sweet moment . a unique vase . at days end

a stop along the way

mixed with forever blue sky and buildings of brick . history in color


footstep on smooth yet rough floors . creaking a well worn song


favored words to fill . to encourage . to become . to belong .


the road calls like a soft breeze . photos and feelings abound . to create

thirty four



bay . sage green softness . perfectly ordinary

a simple collage bird from last week to Margie

exciting beginnings . . . a time to laugh

blessings from me to you

this ordinary day