i recall the day

right before the magnolia tree was gone . from heat and neglect

as the wind whistled around my ankles in the softness that is five o clock


and barefooted warmth clung to the soles of my feet

I gingerly crossed the street to capture the textures and colors

aching to keep it alive . realizing with a click of the camera . this was one way I could

. . . .

sharing the blooms and buds and ache at imperfect prose this week

looking & listening




a broom calls . as do dishes in a sink . along with a parched garden . work at a desk


yet black and white . square . shade . angles . glass . triangle . reflections . smooth


request their own distinct . bright voice in the story that is everyday


moments behind a simple camera suspended . remembered over time

h i d d e n

I invite you to peek into the window at Kanelstrand Organic Living

as my art and thoughts are being featured by Sonya

now off to water the garden

. . . .



creating with a wood block .vintage cloth & text . tangled twine

in the kitchen season . among the peonies . in a daydream

with a song in my heart and gratitude for you friends

allow yourself

in this bright that is sun . even weeds teach me to sink low

they are strong when weakness prevails . twigs bend . do not break

a field full of swaying dancers creating a summer hum with me knee deep

in a place of no pressure . no concern . no should .. just being . in the light and song

a different veiwDSCN1175

sharing weeds with emily at imperfect prose

at a table

I create bits of art

nothing amazing . only simple

yet as I work with a piece of earth

I am reminded we are just that

and so much more



at times


abundance is
taking the long
route home
grey on white

a string of birds created early in the week

in late afternoon light . a soft quiet pocket of each day

now browsing lovely spaces to find links to feature this week as always

I discover reading blog after blog of my friend Char . gone from this world . suddenly

stunning photographer . a space to rest . always the encourager . bottled blooms

Char brought abundance .. a long scenic route to my life

for those of you who wander by here today

know always that you are loved

in my head

when you are feeling a bit off . find comfort
in a unique bloom surrounded by soft green and notice the ant


when you feel a bit cracked open
rest in the beauty that is old wood and art of peeling paint


when you feel like you are the only one
remember that you are never really just the only one


when the fragile parts of life remain
encourage light to shine through the open bloom


I will

hike to the outdoor chapel . on a hill where the sky feels so close


marvel at unique blooms of bold and soft shapes . tender yet vibrant colors

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

laugh with both daughters in this summer place of work and play

love of my life

relax in their home away . tucked in the vast hills of far away tree tops


embrace it all beneath a west texas sunset over a cool river


some of these outdoor photos are from my trip last summer

then sisters posed last month on mothers day . a gift

now a needed break from blogging as I reconnect

with two that define joy and art in my eyes

in a land that quietly shines

be well friends

back soon


cheers to ...


air conditioning .. old dogs .. warm bread ..


shades of blue .. cool drink .. slowing down


her voice on the phone .. singing with him .. woven lives


afternoon reflections .. with you


simple birds22

me attempting . to see things clearly . begins with

really knowing a friend . listening to the heart

unfolding in the sunshine

and you . always

the field

teacher soon waves goodbye to a year . hello to june
life's song punctuated by beginning and end

as I happen upon this bloom of cream
among the vast motion of wildflower and weed

a nod to the thorns along with softness
the contrasts of shapes and hue
hidden among the growth surrounding it
while also capturing the sun rays
to fully bloom


among the flowers with Emily .. prickles and all