still life


8:30 . morning sun dappled across the old wooden shelf
a still second as I ready myself for my day that is anything but still
as a music & movement teacher for young children I smile at two necessities

a favorite music box that transforms each young face as a soft melody fills the space
the garnet colored pear waits to be enjoyed by me with a cup of tea mid morning
fruit . sunlight . quiet . music . movement . just another work day begins



Picnik collage

... in the elegance of silence

... in reflections of past and future

... when paper merges across the miles

simple birds . simple words

each friday in 2011

do you mind...

... one more day among the pines


there is a calm underneath the tall trees
an abstract quality to the intertwining of branches
these moments amid the evergreens . even in black and white
encouraged me to breath deep . be still . gaze skyward .

pine and people

during a recent visit in the woods of east Texas
between raindrops . I imagined the similarity
between these pines and people


we are tough bark and neighboring bright leaf . each intricate and unique


a reflection . our daily opportunity to touch the world in a subtle way


a chance to begin anew each season .. bright among soft fragrant leaves


lessons among the trees . always reaching . standing tall . next to others


t h r e e


with art and rememberings on crisp new pages

beside an old friend in a soft shade of blue

among the winter trees along the way

simple birds . simple words

each friday in 2011

different march


all is OK . worry no more . suddenly
. each beat is unique . felt in a different way .
step to the music you hear . whichever rhythm is part of you
freedom plays loudly . peace in the soft tones
marching at Emily's this afternoon

wood & glass


gazing out the window I catch a a reflection of blinds on glass and frame
chairs in softness . a watercolor long ago painted by my mom
a fleeting moment at the table in shadow and sun

paint . reflection . empty

t w o


the soul will awaken

morning light may appear golden

hanging on in all circumstances is a good plan

so happy to have you here as the work week ends

simple birds . simple words sharing each friday for one year

moments held

dogwood and ivy transformed to gold and scarlet
against the back drop of a weathered wood elevate weary senses


abstract outline of oak and broken branches illustrate growth takes time


berries parallel life . nourishment and strength for others yet often hanging blurred and spent


deep lines and curves of life appear at all angles amid leaf with tender branch


growth and movement . strength yet spent . line and curve of life
heart suspended as afternoon light calls to the days end
these moments held and shared at Imperfect Prose

cat questions

taking advantage of afternoon light my assistant observes intently and seems to be thinking ...


"why must you leave this white board on the floor with bits of paper & string on a twig?"


"certainly is it for the pure comfort and joy of a cat relaxing in the family room!"


"perhaps a space to quietly dream about future adventures this week?"


"What?! You are trying to photograph the bird and not the handsome red cat?"



neither painter nor author . only a torn paper word and curved paper bird


there is joy in a motto

melodies played in the comfort of time

even a special discovery in a 52 week journey

every Friday in 2011 simple birds . simple words will perch here

paper and cloth . cut and stitched in various forms to share as we live out the year

on the rocks

labels peeled from silver
let go into suds and warmth
padding barefoot picking garden gravel
glue melody and grocery bag . stitching paper love
a recycled space for a unique bulb to stretch . to reach for light


life stares back from the warmth of a kitchen table
still calls to me through this yearly winter ritual
soft brown paper held by twine and heart

we barely balance on the rocks . often look a little bizarre
yet we begin again in bud . we grow . we bloom

going back

as I return to work today I carry in my heart
a backdrop of bright blue sky . branches bare . her big smile