on the menu

in a bright sun drenched corner . nature planted a bush

berries black . calling all birds . a new month awaits

what will be the feast . in the corner of our life

as the calendar page turns . again


twenty nine

on a slow walk . along side aged dog . twigs gathered . soon painted white


scraps from created birds . will create collage upon wood or punch hole confetti


freshly white washed twigs . curved black birds . a quirky wing or two


black bird on a simple afternoon . hanging from snow white twine . twirling in the breeze


a week filled with dreams . some in rich color

wishing to be in this moment . encouraging progress

sitting around this table . with you dear friends . end of july

sisters in sepia

we raise them to leave the nest . stand on their own

yet when they do . in the stillness they are missed

DSCN9250 (2)DSCN9114162618_479492092964_537072964_6027900_5498420_n

this summer . these sisters that are friends . have been together

exploring ... working ... playing ... living ... laughing ... flying

I smile from faraway . from the empty nest

a new day

sundayPicnik collagesunday2

light and shadow reveal a silent presence on a kitchen counter

may the day start in soft shades . appear prickly yet smooth . often open and unusual

twenty eight

Picnik collage

hoping your life ... maybe just your day ... or a small moment ... is simple

like gossamer dew . a brisk windy beach . a colorful tasty kitchen

day dream


summers extreme drought

creates a dream . visions of a cool soaking rain

water drops on earth . whether moving or in stillness

sparkle upon leaves . bowing blooms . softly remembering

018crepemyrtlerainfor green monday

we are in the deep grip of a heat/dry spell . these from my archives . to encourage

darkness comes

do not find fear in the dark . search for comfort often called quiet and calm


do not envision only darkness . picture stretching pines embracing a moon


do not hide from the dark . step out into the warm night and let it envelope you


do not take darkness for granted . feel awe standing on summer hot concrete with it


sharing these moments at The Wellspring today ...

twenty seven

what will be your joyous discovery on this day ?


mine are often as I choose . usually simple & common


blue thread on an old wooden spool . unique cloth . light summer wine


string left long and able to flutter .. just because it will . friday moments

patterns from a faraway home . creative silence

happy photos and feelings

painted word

the brush is dry . relish the absence of color . twigs with swirls . ivory twine . soft tissue paper

blogjuly2011Picnik collagebw

you and me

a weed

some of us are still budding while others have lost a bloom or two along the way


the joy comes each moment we sway side by side in the field of life


twenty six


taking the time . to capture the soft shadows . we sit with empty space ...


... to whitewash a twig . relish handmade papers . embrace the blue bird song


time with a strand of thread . to sit near a window rooted in atmosphere


time in the memory of nesting . a wish to you all a marvelous week ending

light of day

when the tired weight of a day

mingles with the familiar weight of the camera

sky fills with gold and depth . ribbon of dark and light

evening arrives . wishes drift softly in the air

i studiodark white

ode to a peach

you may know putting away

groceries is not my favorite task

often I attempt to make it more enjoyable

in the sun ~ it made me smile . with the leaf still attached


in the shadow ~ of a smooth table by a window overlooking a wild garden


in the water ~ a cool stream washing it clean . drenching me as well


in the towel ~ soft and frayed soaking up droplets of water . ready to eat


in the creamy dish ~ juicy and meant to savor . while the rest of the groceries call


twenty five

25 .2two2

patience . at times not my forte . a new chance daily

tea bag simple birds whisper transparent encouragement

as a year long project approaches midway .. the first of July already

curtains are added . bubbles fill the room . rain drums on tin

I sip tea and imagine them into birds . dreaming

who may love a poetic giveaway

happy weekend to you all