DSCN7430_2703_edited-1 1.psd

fourty two

in the weary grip of blogger burn out I embrace creative moments at an old wooden table

finding gratitude in vintage brown cloth with flowers in shades of autumn hope

snips of left over twine ... fashioned into yet another quirky wing

there lies a reminder to stay devoted

ab43a43brown flower bird

inspired always by the creative energies of

poetic friends . a home within us

far away pine forest of shared beauty

I will use these four weeks to create simple birds

from raveling vintage cloth . long tucked away in a cardboard box

thankful for November and its reminder that devotion is an act of the heart


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

...simple, effective, completely touching and beautiful!

rachel awes said...

sending refreshment & hugs.
lovely photos, friend. xo

mrs mediocrity said...

so true, and your heart is always filled with such sweet beauty.

and thank you, so much.


Marcie said...

Love the 'negative' space created by your cutout. And I think we're all familiar with the burnout. This too..shall pass??

Tracy said...

devotion is an act of the heart...*SIGH*...how sweet and true. I must write that down in my journal today. :o) Loving the play with fabric and words here today, Elk. Yours is a place of refuge from a busy day... thank you. It is easy to get bloggers burnout. When we've been posting for years it's hard not to feel the accumulation and the question mark of what stretches before us next...Poised between it all...Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Unknown said...

refuge.. yes,
and also inspiration.

thank you.

d smith kaich jones said...

that empty bird space is perfect.

devotion is an act of the heart. remember to stay devoted to yourself.

beautiful as always.


Kanelstrand said...

Oh, flowery birds! Isn't that a unique symbiosis! Thank you for linking to my forest, i would love to roam it together with you. In reality.

GailO said...

This is one of my favorite little birds dear elk...your burn out does not show as your devotion burns so brightly!

spread your wings said...

when I'm in a blogger burnout it's ones like you that inspire and motivate me to carry on.
i am thankful for your devotion to your art that brightens my day.

Jamie said...

I'm feeling that blogger burn out - I love it but with everything else in life so crazy it feels (for just a moment) like one more thing I need to keep up with - thanks for filling my reader with beauty and a reminder that the inspiration is worth the effort

Anonymous said...

belissima! here's to pushing through any burn-out. xx

windrock studio said...

Hey Elk, if this is what you do during burn out, there's no worries!
I love seeing your art and reading your words, always.

SE'LAH... said...

a perfect birdie to match the perfect sentiments.

i so enjoy stopping by here. thanks for this moment of peace.

one love.

Anonymous said...

I understand blogger burnout, especially when you feel obligated to post. It should be a fun thing, I hope you can enjoy it again soon. I just take a few days off when I feel overwhelmed by life or work. Fortunately, I always feel like coming back but I know other people sometimes don't. We all have enjoyed your birds all year, though, and hope you continue to post...if you want to.

S. Etole said...

what a gentle reminder ... so very thankful for you!

Elizabeth Halt said...

devotion *is* an act of the heart.

wishing you rest and replenishment this month.

rjerdee said...

Now here's a turn of events...a fresh look! I've never seen you work in such a print. Evocative.

Mommy Emily said...

i love you friend. and i love this print. and i'm glad you're taking time for rest.

Becca said...

Where have I been? I've missed so many of your lovely posts! Sometimes it's simply hard to keep up with everything. Needle & thread, vintage fabric, some of my favorite things!

Country Girl said...

Been away too long . . . Love the quote about devotion.