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twenty seven

what will be your joyous discovery on this day ?


mine are often as I choose . usually simple & common


blue thread on an old wooden spool . unique cloth . light summer wine


string left long and able to flutter .. just because it will . friday moments

patterns from a faraway home . creative silence

happy photos and feelings


Reena said...

because it's Friday that's a joy!

Anonymous said...

smile :D

Marcie said...

So simple..and such a wonderful reminder that there's joy everywhere to be found!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love the wooden spool of blue
and the fluttery strings
and always the tender heart
that is yours
...I see
and welcome
and wonder over
the beauty that is you:)
(thanks for the abundant share!)

Leslie said...

sigh... i love those blues and browns... and your friday field trips :)

Anonymous said...

vintage / modern combo ~ one of my favorite :))

i adore the links you weave into your words you remind me how many amazing blogs are in blogland ~ how do you find the time to find them ~ i'm guessing some find you, either way glad you do

happy friday

Anna said...

Elk, your photos and art are always a visual treat! Enjoy the links, too :)
I'm off to the studio to see what I will discover today.
Wishing you a happy and creative weekend!

suzanna said...

the way you find beauty in the simple is so encouraging... lovely post!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

What a beautiful post to read whilst I sip my morning cuppa, on Friday, my Leslie-is-in-the-Studio day.
I enjoyed the links - the Friday field trip. Thank you for including me.

And I *love* your header image. Simple, earthy, clam - visual quietude.

Happy weekend to you dear ELK.

Mommy Emily said...

one of my greatest joyous discoveries in the blog world is visiting your place here, dear elaine. your vision, your creativity, your humility, blow me away. (and thank you, for commenting on my photos... how much that means, coming from you)

Anonymous said...

"what will be your joyous discovery on this day ?" I love that! It reminds me of one of my favorite lines of all time from the poet Mary Oliver: "Tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Well, I discovered the other blogs you linked...fascinating. I discovered that you can have a reprieve from the humidity during AZ's monsoon season so that the mornings and evenings feel like fall again. And I discovered your joyous bird. So far.

Kim Klassen said...

happy, happy... true love 'sigh'.... adore... adore.....

and sending love.... xxo, kim

rachel awes said...

thank you for gifting discoveries through your lovely links!!
& a kiss to your bird. xo

beth said...

i love the gentleness your blog brings to me when i visit !

S. Etole said...

so much joy waiting for us to see ...

Unknown said...

you know, whenever I see certain little bits now I think of you...
it's like you are always with me and that makes me very happy.

plus the certain bit you gave me , of course.

love you...
and thank you for understanding my blog lagging.

SE'LAH... said...

you are amazing. love when God winks at us. thanks for the happy moment here today.

thinking of you. one love.

ariana. said...

Thank you for linking to my little blog. I am so happy that it brought a bit of joy to you and even more happy that it connected me to this lovely space of yours! I hope this finds you well! a.

d smith kaich jones said...

my discovery today is you. i have missed too many days here - i didn't realize how many. too long gone.