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words like trees


there are moments . words line up side by side . open . reaching together
often they drift quietly off to the side . gnarled in many directions
with almost three years in this space my words embrace both
swirling among the branches of life's season


Anonymous said...

Over 700 posts, congrats! And they've all been beautiful.

Tracy said...

Happy Blogiversary, Elk...here's to many, many more years of friendship and celebrating words... and trees. :o) ((HUGS))

ELK said...

Hey Candace and Tracy ...I appreciate your visits always..

Joan Elizabeth said...

Four years .. then you have been at it longer than me. I love the top shot.

kat evans said...

My heart skipped a beat
when I saw the first image!
Your words are so true.
Wonderful post today ELK!

Judy said...

I love that I found you. Happy Blogiversary!

Anna said...

Elk, congrats to 4 years of swirling and weaving wonderful words and images together! You enrich my world - many thanks!

Dagmar said...

Happy congrats redheaded lady. Gosh how time flies. I for sure now have to look up when I started...fooosshh.

Always fun to hang around and wrap myself in your words. Thanks and may many many years follow.
Hugs D.

Jennifer Richardson said...

There are places that I find myself
drawn to when I want to just be
....to write, pray, refuel, refire.
They nourish me, these places.
It's as if they're portals
where heavenbreeze finds me
without interference.
Places easy with breath.
Thanks for building one of those
My heart loves to wallow here.

Joyti said...

Those are beautiful shots...

Laura said...

Elk, a lovely post as always. 4 years of holding this sacred space...and I've only been visiting for a few months...I am so grateful for your wisdom and the beauty you create here.

Becca said...

Love you words. Love your photos. Love your art.

mrs mediocrity said...

and how i love those words, always. tiny little snippets of perfection that always take me right to a place of peace.
happy blogiversary, i am so glad you and your words are here, swirling.

GailO said...

Your photos are what drew me in...but your words are what keep me here....Happy Bloggaversary dear elk! You are special!

~Kristina said...

Congrats on such an achievement! I'm so happy that you share all you do.

windrock studio said...

Me too, me too! I echo all the sweet words said here before me, could not say it any better since these are all so heart felt and true.

Unknown said...

four ?!
That's incredible, Elk.

I so appreciate what you do, what you give..