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went on a little road trip with my friends Becky and Kent on Sunday.

some "signs" of the times as we drove down this road and that:

FAITHroad trip

yes i do

and no matter what is happening in the world...

ICE CREAM yum ice cream

(Braum's is a regional ice cream shop/old fashioned market)

do you have "sign" of the time to share? how about favorite ice cream flavor?


Anonymous said...

Those were great. I've always enjoying reading bumper stickers when driving. They say so much about who is in that car.

Favorite ice-cream? Made from soy vanilla.

Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a sign to share, but favorite ice cream flavor? Plain old chocolate!

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello, Elk.

Thank you for becoming a 'follower' of PICTURES JUST PICTURES .

I'm glad you like it.

Incidentally, I very much like your photo of the pear in your last post.

Ice Cream? We have two local ice-cream making companies. With one, I best like lemon sorbet. With the other (which uses locally grown fruit and cream) I'd be pushed to choose between their blackcurrant and clotted cream ices.


spread your wings said...

These are great. I have a sign to share, but I'll have to find it and post later. But let's get to the other -ICE CREAM. I'd probably say mint chocolate chip but I kinda don't like to choose favorites. : )

Leacayoungart said...

We seen this one last year in Seward, Alaska. Made us chuckle a little.


Jewels said...

Breyer's Mint Chip all the way!!!

Leanne said...

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Great shots!

spread your wings said...

my sign is posted at http://autumnsun08.blogspot.com

Meadowlark Days said...


Chocolate-peanut butter, hands down.

Unknown said...

I remember going to Braum's in 4th grade with Mrs. Williams the librarian after Battle of the Books... That was such a a big deal to us.

see you soon!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I love the Haagen Dazs' Vanilla Honey Bee ice cream. It is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

at first i thought that middle one said "Camp Wingdom" and so i said went "oh yes i could go there!"