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fly home


I am a cloud lover too....my college daughter is flying home today for a
3-day weekend watching the sky more than normal today!


Sherry said...

I love clouds too -- and yes, when you are waiting for the arrival of someone precious, you will be watching the sky and the clouds even more carefully! Have a lovely visit!

reagan said...

It is always a good thing to look up! My hubby is a pilot, so I can totally relate to looking at the clouds. Thank you for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway:-)

Anonymous said...

anyone who loves clouds, braum's and quotes mother teresa has to be good!

love your blog. have a wonderful weekend.

spread your wings said...

I know you must be super excited for her arrival. Have a glorious weekend. I expect maybe you will take a break from blogging while she's home. :)

I love watching clouds too. I have a huge window in my 18th story office and I space off all the time while watching clouds.

Shalet said...

Enjoy your visit! Happy LT!

christina said...

Aww... I don't have to tell you, to have a beautiful weekend.