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always birds


a whisper through the clouds  
as one daughter adventures to a far off land
 the other turns the page of a new life chapter as well
while here at home to still my heart 
birds sing  & stitch with love 



Judy said...

This post made me think of my children now grown up and moving to live their lives in different parts of the country. Right at this moment all I'm hearing are the birds :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

i so feel this little post
to the bottom of my being,
so much sky and sea and heart
and home
in every word and pause.
i share your ache
and wonder
and thanks
for the gift of the birds.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

the white birds of peace and love. Lovely.

joyce said...

I like the heart shaped wings, don't know if you've used them on previous birds but in any case, I really like them on these.

Jamie said...

I've had a bird sitting on her eggs outside my window for the past month, she's been the best alarm clock ever.

Country Girl said...

How could I not visit after seeing that post title? Much luck to your daughter and her adventures!

mrs mediocrity said...

oh, your birds are so lovely, and this is such a sweet post. my son moved out a few weeks ago... not far, we still see him often, but it is a different sort of nest now.

xoxo to you.

S. Etole said...

simple beauty speaks so much ...

GailO said...

I just read this Goethe quote on another blog..."There are two things children should get from their parents: roots and wings." You have given both to your girls!

Tracy said...

This heart reaches our to you & your birds, Elk... May your lovely daughters both thrive in the new chapters they are beginning. You are turning a new page too with them. :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

Kanelstrand said...

I didn't know how important the sound of birds was to me before I started missing them. And then I knew. There is no life without them. Now I know why you make them. "Birds are happier than men. Their wings make all the difference."

spread your wings said...

i like that - "the sound of birds stops the noise in my mind"

here's to adventures and new chapters