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thoughts under a tree

I love my job BUT I enjoy my freedom and the feelings that come over me passing under this maple tree to the rest of my day.

enjoy your moments of freedom today
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Leacayoungart said...

Oh I love the second one. The color of the sky is gorgeous.

--answer to your question--
It was harder moving from Wyoming to Alaska. Now we have to move every 3-4 years and so I am getting used to it. We try not to get too attached to one place--at least not for another 10 years.

Jewels said...

Very nice! I would enjoy that too!

Jane said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The photos you posted this last week are simply amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love your trees better than mine ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful trees!

Mary said...

Yes, we need those moments of freedom so that we can be open to beauty when it appears... gorgeous photos! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful fall capture. Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one!

Bridge said...

these are beautiful.
thanks you as always.

Technodoll said...

I already miss leaves of any kind. Sigh. Come on spring, show yourself already! LOL