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I accept this Grammy... no wait...

thanks jewels!

this is just as good!

on this beautiful Saturday an award has come my way from my sweet friend JEWELS whose blog I visit daily! I will pass this blog award on as well but first I am to list 5 things that you may not know about me...since this is a photo blog...seems right to use these...


ice hockey cheerleader in high school

on piano

play and sing 6 days a week ...

star breakfast
vegetarian..99% wink!


had my career HERE ...seems like another life now

been alive now 5 decades and I'm OK about it...blue hand and all!

blue hand

I hope Leaca at SIMPLY BLOGGED will play ...her photographs are stunning!

Jane at 54 plus one more is a writer with photos and more to see...come out and play!


Leacayoungart said...

Thanks! I have mine posted. Yay!

Elizabeth Halt said...

I love the blue hand! It reminds me of the Blue Man Group, who I would love to see someday.

spread your wings said...

you definitely deserve this award. yeah!!
it's nice to learn a few more tidbits about you. How long have you been vegetarian. I much prefer veggies over meat.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Spreading the love.....Congrats!

gkgirl said...

liked reading these little
bits and pieces about you...
very interesting....

{and love the photos...}

christina said...

Love the blue hand!


Jewels said...

Nice job - love the pix and surprised at the things we didn't know! Someday you'll have to post a video clip of you with your guitar :)

Jane said...

Thanks for including me!
I really want to play, but my motherboard is broken on my computer and I can't!!!!

Love your new banner!
Simply stunning!

Hope I can get back to creative blogging with you soon!

Jane said...

Also, I enjoyed reading the five things about you with your awesome photos. As soon as I get my computer back I WILL post 5 things too.