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It's Hot so why not Bake!?

so I am baking this morning...no not outside in the summer heat
(was 104 yesterday)

basic green
but using some over ripe bananas ...is there any better aroma than this bread? Gold star!
next are snickerdoodles for a dear friend to munch on as she travels with her "baby" off to get him settled at college
safe journey you two.....


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Baking on a hot summer day....hmmmm....You must have one of those ovens that won't heat the house up....haha

My kitchen gets really warm if it's hot outside!

ELK said...

I baked early enough in the morning...plus it was a promise to a friend...they needed road-trip goodies!

Angry Asian said...

that car shot is gorgeous -- the lush green and driving away action ... great picture!

i love baking too but regardless if i'm baking early morning, during the day or later in the evening, it gets HOT! but it doesn't deter me from making sweets for the sweet people in my life. :)